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Kindness is Yum is here to spread happiness in our world. Our goal is to leave the world a better place and help you to do the same!

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Holiday Happiness

Take this quick holiday quiz to see who you truly are! (If you're brave enough)

Handy Dandy Dance Moves

Time for another article to help you with the quickly approaching Sadie's Dance! You're having a blast at the dance when all of a sudden,...

Dad Jokes

Time to learn the very scientific* balance of a dad joke! You're sitting down to a breakfast of eggs when your dad tries to crack you up...

Pretty Lovely Pickup Lines

What better way to spread kindness (and confess your love) than this? If you're struggling to confess your love and spread some...

Is Valentine's Day Worth it?

Join me with local teens to get the hot take on Valentine's Day: Here we are with local teens to see if Valentine's Day is a toot or...

Eat People With Kindness?

What does this even mean? Well that's a very good question. What it means to us here at Kindness is Yum is treating others and yourself...

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